“Janneke is an exemplary student of Face Reading and Facial Diagnosis and is applying this knowledge effectively in her own Chinese Medicine practice with her acupuncture patients. Her understanding of Facial Diagnosis is evident in the photographs she contributed to my book Face Reading in Chinese Medicine, 2nd Edition and I am very grateful for them. They illustrate my teachings wonderfully.”

Professor Lillian Pearl Bridges – World’s leading expert in Face Reading in Chinese Medicine, Feng Shui Master, international speaker and consultant – Seattle, USA – The Lotus Institute, Inc., www.lotusinstitute.com, 2013.

Lillian Pearl Bridges

“I highly recommend Janneke Vermeulen who recently supplied beautiful, clear photographs for my Constitutional Facial Acupuncture book, due to be published by Elsevier Churchill Livingstone.  She is hard-working, meticulous, and creative, and was able to deliver to me what I needed and wanted with professionalism and a sense of humor.”

“I have also taught Janneke in several different Constitutional Facial Acupuncture certification series programs in the Netherlands, as well as several modules of my training program in Facial Soundscapes, a tuning fork facial that utilizes the theory and practice of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.  She is a fine, knowledgeable practitioner, who has also sponsored and run some very successful facial acupuncture seminars for me in the Netherlands.  Janneke is a versatile, talented colleague, and I highly recommend her.”

Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, L. Ac., M. S., M. M. – Facial acupuncture educator, author, practitioner and creator of Constitutional Facial Acupuncture protocols  – New York, USA – Chi-Akra Center, 2013.

Mary Elizabeth Wakefield

“Janneke is a very dedicated practitioner and goes that extra mile literally traveling the globe to gain extra knowledge and experience to serve her patients. Her intelligence informs her work and her sensitivity and caring guides her hands. I am grateful for all the help she has provided me with my Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture workshops in the Netherlands.”

Virginia Doran, M.Ac., L. Ac., L.M.T. – International teacher and developer of Facial Rejuvenation
 Acupuncture – New York, USA – Luminous Beauty, www.luminousbeauty.com, 2013.

“With my husband, we were trying to get a baby for four years when we started IVF. We did a first round of IVF and I got pregnant. We were really happy but I had a miscarriage after 3 months. It was a real disapointment especially that IVF is very difficult, physically but also mentally. I wanted to prepare for the second round of IVF and to be proactive by doing something. I heard that acupuncture could help us so I decided to give it a try. I got the name of Janneke via the doctor. I went there not knowing anything but being open minded. Janneke listened to my story and told me she could help my body to be ready for the embryo to implant. She needled me three times. The sessions were absolutely not painful and I was feeling completly relaxed after them. The fourth time I arrived there and announced her that I was pregnant naturally. I do not know what happened exactly but I just know we now have a wonderful daughter. I would recommend people facing the same problem to try acupunture with Janneke, for us it really worked.”

A.S. – Den Haag, Nederland, 2013.

“I contacted Janneke after I discovered that I had a low ovarian reserve and had been told that I would probably find it difficult to conceive naturally. Right from the outset, I felt that I was in good hands. Janneke responded to my initial request for information within minutes and a couple of days later I had my first appointment. The treatments certainly helped me to relax, not just through the acupuncture itself but also thanks to Janneke’s calm, positive and professional manner. Tips for mindful thinking and eating well supplemented the acupuncture treatment and after three sessions I was contacting Janneke to say that I had done a pregnancy test and got a positive result. I’d been charting my cycle and when I looked back through my diary was able to determine that the date of conception must have been within 24 or 48 hours of my first acupuncture session. I’m still in the early stages of pregnancy and hoping that all will go well but I have no hesitation in recommending Janneke as an acupuncture practitioner to anyone in a similar situation since I feel that my visits to Mermaid Medicine were a really positive influence on my thinking as well as on my body itself.”

S.R. – Den Haag, Nederland, 2014.

“Onze dankbaarheid is niet in woorden uit te drukken. Bedankt dat je al  die jaren naar Rotterdam wilde afreizen. Bedankt voor het behandelen van onze moeder. Bedankt dat je dat allemaal deed! We – en vooral onze lieve moeder – gaan je missen! Bedankt!”

L.H. – Rotterdam, Nederland, 2015.

“Dankzij Janneke is de verlamming aan één van mijn stembanden (waarbij mijn stem geheel verloren was) volledig hersteld. De eerste afspraak is via de mail gemaakt daar ik niet door de telefoon kon praten. Volgens mijn KNO-arts was operatief ingrijpen de enige oplossing voor dit probleem. Omdat ik een operatie niet zag zitten, heb ik acupunctuurbehandelingen bij Janneke ondergaan. De KNO-arts was versteld dat er na enige tijd beweging in de stemband zat en dat uiteindelijk mijn stem weer normaal geworden is. Ik ben heel blij dat Janneke de behandeling heeft aangedurfd!”

A.K. – Den Haag, Nederland, 2015.

“Nadat ik op Facebook een artikel over Janneke tegen was gekomen, heb ik contact met haar gezocht en een afspraak gemaakt voor onze zoon, 13 jaar. Hij heeft al last van zijn oren als hij naar de bodem van het zwembad wil duiken, terwijl hij dol is op zwemmen, met name in de vakantie en eigenlijk wel zou willen leren scuba duiken. Het was even wennen voor hem met die naalden, maar met de aandacht van Janneke kwam dat goed. Na 2 behandelingen was een vakantie naar een tropisch oord gepland. Zowel in het vliegtuig, als in het zwembad dankzij de acupunctuur van Janneke nergens meer last van gehad. Fantastisch!”

M.H. – Heemstede, Nederland, 2018.

“Professioneel en veel kennis van luchtwegklachten. De behandeling heeft mij heel goed geholpen na herstel van Corona/Covid-19.”

S.K.-H. – Voorburg, Nederland, 2021.

“Ik ben ontzettend dankbaar dat ik door de behandeling vrij door mijn neus kan ademen, beter dan ooit tevoren en met een gerust hart kan duiken. Naast haar deskundigheid is Janneke een ontzettend lief persoon die graag meedenkt en goede adviezen geeft.”

L.G. – Amsterdam, Nederland, 2021.