“Janneke is an exemplary student of Face Reading and Facial Diagnosis and is applying this knowledge effectively in her own Chinese Medicine practice with her acupuncture patients. Her understanding of Facial Diagnosis is evident in the photographs she contributed to my book Face Reading in Chinese Medicine, 2nd Edition and I am very grateful for them. They illustrate my teachings wonderfully.”

Professor Lillian Pearl Bridges – World’s leading expert in Face Reading in Chinese Medicine, Feng Shui Master, international speaker and consultant  – Seattle, USA – The Lotus Institute, Inc., www.lotusinstitute.com, 2013.

Lillian Pearl Bridges

“I highly recommend Janneke Vermeulen who recently supplied beautiful, clear photographs for my Constitutional Facial Acupuncture book, due to be published by Elsevier Churchill Livingstone.  She is hard-working, meticulous, and creative, and was able to deliver to me what I needed and wanted with professionalism and a sense of humor.”

“I have also taught Janneke in several different Constitutional Facial Acupuncture certification series programs in the Netherlands, as well as several modules of my training program in Facial Soundscapes, a tuning fork facial that utilizes the theory and practice of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.  She is a fine, knowledgeable practitioner, who has also sponsored and run some very successful facial acupuncture seminars for me in the Netherlands. Janneke is a versatile, talented colleague, and I highly recommend her.”

Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, L. Ac., M. S., M. M. – Facial acupuncture educator, author, practitioner and creator of Constitutional Facial Acupuncture protocols – New York, USA – Chi-Akra Center, 2013.

Mary Elizabeth Wakefield

“Janneke is a very dedicated practitioner and goes that extra mile literally traveling the globe to gain extra knowledge and experience to serve her patients. Her intelligence informs her work and her sensitivity and caring guides her hands. I am grateful for all the help she has provided me with my Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture workshops in the Netherlands.”

Virginia Doran, M.Ac., L. Ac., L.M.T. – International teacher and developer of Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture – New York, USA – Luminous Beauty, www.luminousbeauty.com, 2013.

“With my husband, we were trying to get a baby for four years when we started IVF. We did a first round of IVF and I got pregnant. We were really happy but I had a miscarriage after 3 months. It was a real disapointment especially that IVF is very difficult, physically but also mentally. I wanted to prepare for the second round of IVF and to be proactive by doing something. I heard that acupuncture could help us so I decided to give it a try. I got the name of Janneke via the doctor. I went there not knowing anything but being open minded. Janneke listened to my story and told me she could help my body to be ready for the embryo to implant. She needled me three times. The sessions were absolutely not painful and I was feeling completly relaxed after them. The fourth time I arrived there and announced her that I was pregnant naturally. I do not know what happened exactly but I just know we now have a wonderful daughter. I would recommend people facing the same problem to try acupunture with Janneke, for us it really worked.”

A.S. – The Hague, the Netherlands, 2013.

“I contacted Janneke after I discovered that I had a low ovarian reserve and had been told that I would probably find it difficult to conceive naturally. Right from the outset, I felt that I was in good hands. Janneke responded to my initial request for information within minutes and a couple of days later I had my first appointment. The treatments certainly helped me to relax, not just through the acupuncture itself but also thanks to Janneke’s calm, positive and professional manner. Tips for mindful thinking and eating well supplemented the acupuncture treatment and after three sessions I was contacting Janneke to say that I had done a pregnancy test and got a positive result. I’d been charting my cycle and when I looked back through my diary was able to determine that the date of conception must have been within 24 or 48 hours of my first acupuncture session. I’m still in the early stages of pregnancy and hoping that all will go well but I have no hesitation in recommending Janneke as an acupuncture practitioner to anyone in a similar situation since I feel that my visits to Mermaid Medicine were a really positive influence on my thinking as well as on my body itself.”

S.R. – The Hague, the Netherlands, 2014.

“There are no words to express our gratitude. Thank you for traveling to Rotterdam all those years. Thanks for treating our mother. Thank you for doing that all! We – and especially our dear mother – are going to miss you! Thanks!”

L.H. – Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 2015.

“Thanks to Janneke I am totally recovered from a paralysis of one of my vocal cords accompanied by total loss of my voice. I had to e-mail Janneke to make my first appointment as I could not speak at the phone. According my ENT physician surgery would be the only solution for this problem. As I did not want surgery I started acupuncture treatments with Janneke. After a while the ENT doctor was amazed that the vocal cord could move again and that finally the paralysis has cured completely! My voice is as normal as before. I am happy Janneke dared to treat my problem!”

A.K. – The Hague, the Netherlands, 2015.

“The 20th of November 2015 Janneke Vermeulen has provided a brilliant course day for TCM Postgraduate at the Victoria Park Plaza Hotel in Amsterdam. The subject was: Acupuncture for ENT Problems seen with Divers. Combined with a fantastic PowerPoint Presentation Janneke gave insights in Diving Medicine, Western diagnostics and a brief explanation of the Western treatments. Thereafter the focus was shifted to diagnostics and treatment options in Chinese Medicine. Soon became clear that the specific subject was suitable for diagnosing and treating ENT problems in general as well. There was extensive attention for the most important acupuncture points regarding ENT pathology, the location of these points, needle techniques and advice. In short: it was an inspiring training day based on integration of Western and Eastern Medicine and valued by the students as excellent!”

Gerard Smienk, Directeur TCM Postgraduate – Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2016.

“After I read an article about Janneke on Facebook I contacted her, and made an appointment for our son, 13 years old. He already experiences ear problems when wanting to dive to the bottom of the swimming pool, while he loves swimming, especially in the holidays and in fact he would love to learn scuba diving. He had to get used to the needles, but with the attention of Janneke that worked out well. After 2 treatments a vacation was planned to a tropical resort. Both in the plane and in the pool he had no problems anymore, thanks to the acupuncture of Janneke. Fantastic!”

M.H. – Heemstede, the Netherlands, 2018.

“Janneke is very sweet and motivated. Very good acupuncturist with a lot of experience.”
I.S. – The Hague, the Netherlands, 2021.

“Professional and a lot of knowledge about respiratory complaints. The treatment helped me very well after recovery from Corona/Covid-19.”

S.K.-H. – Voorburg, the Netherlands, 2021.

“Janneke Vermeulen has (still) helped me very well with the sinuses in my head. The noise (tinnitus) and deafness in one ear has diminished considerably and is sometimes very much in the background. Very professional, serious with enthusiasm for her profession, she remains interested in her profession with contacts in America and China. I am very happy with her!”
J.V. – Muiderberg, the Netherlands, 2021.

“I am extremely grateful that the treatment allows me to breathe freely through my nose, better than ever before and to dive with peace of mind. In addition to her expertise, Janneke is a very sweet person who likes to think along and gives good advice.”

L.G. – Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2021.

“We were very pleased to have Janneke Vermeulen as one of our 2021 FSOMA Conference speakers teaching a class on Diving Medical Acupuncture. Her evaluations from the students were excellent for content, presentation, knowledge of the topic and ability to answer questions.
While this topic is very specific the amount of knowledge presented on ear, nose and throat was very helpful for many related conditions and offered students very deep knowledge.
We had planned on having her present live, however due to COVID travel restrictions we had to move her to present from her home and put her into the classroom by Zoom. She did a great job helping us as we all adjusted to an unexpected presentation style showing great composure and assistance.”

Ellen Teeter, Executive Director Florida State Oriental Medical Association – Bradenton, USA, 2022.

“Janneke Vermeulen works very professionally and carefully. After a diving adventure I kept having headaches due to difficulty equalizing. After a few sessions, these complaints were gone and the complaints also stayed away. She helped me as well to move more smoothly in different joints (menopausal related complaints).”

M.B. – Utrecht, the Netherlands, 2022.

“I took my eldest child to see Janneke about 15 years ago as she had been suffering with urticaria for several years. Conventional medicine failed to help her but Janneke not only helped with the symptoms but addressed the root cause of the condition and my daughter became free of urticaria. I was so impressed with her that I also consulted Janneke for my eczema. After only a few sessions, my skin was dramatically improved. I also go to see Janneke when I feel anxious or stressful. Just hearing her voice when I make an appointment starts to sooth me. I enjoy our sessions because Janneke is an absolute professional, knows what she’s doing, explains what she is doing and we both manage to have a laugh together. If you need help, I would recommend a session with Janneke.

H.D. – Leidschendam, the Netherlands, 2022.

“Ik ben Janneke heel dankbaar voor haar deskundige behandelingen tijdens mijn chemo-kuur i.v.m. borstkanker. Ik heb veel ondersteuning van Janneke gekregen. De behandelingen werkten goed tegen de ernstige vermoeidheid wat chemotherapie met zich meebrengt. Janneke gaf mij ook goede voedingstips. Mijn bloedwaarden herstelden zich opmerkelijk snel na haar behandeling zodat ik de chemo-behandelingen goed kon doorstaan.”

A.v.d.K. – Nootdorp, Nederland, 2022.

“Janneke helped me several times. I had severe lung problems after Covid-19. I couldn’t walk any distance and was very tired. After my first session with Janneke I already experienced improvement. I had more air and my chest felt open. After 4 sessions I could walk the distances from before Corona. Acupuncture helped me a lot and I recommend it to everyone.”

T.L. – Den Haag, Nederland, 2022.

“After a lifetime of surfing and diving and 2 difficult ear surgeries, I continued to live a life with almost daily ear and sinus problems. Many unsuccessful trips to different doctors and continuing frustration in the water had me ready to give up on one of my favorite past times- surfing. A friend turned me on to Janneke Vermeulen and her unique approach to “dive medicine”, sinus and ear problems from people like me spending too much time in cold water. Through a couple of email communications and a ZOOM appointment Janneke was able to develop and give me a more holistic protocol combined with acupuncture. Within the first several weeks of implementing these suggestions, I was already feeling relief. Although, I’m not 100% recovered, I am still surfing! I continue to feel like I am finally healing.
Thank you 🙏 Janneke for helping me to continue my passion of playing in the water.
Keeping it warm.
With love from Key West & El Salvador.”

Christopher Fogarty – Key West Island, Florida, USA, 2022.

“Janneke has a wealth of knowledge and experience, both from physiotherapy and acupuncture. This way she can choose the best treatment for the situation.
In the past she has treated a chronic blockage in my shoulder with acupuncture, the shoulder is 100% and permanently recovered.
I recently came to her with complaints after a concussion, and with a pinched nerve in one foot. After two sessions, the head and foot are much better already.
I heartily can recommend Janneke.
The practice is easily accessible by public transport (a short walk) and there is parking space. Happy customer!”

C.V. – Tirana, Albania, 2022.

“Janneke is my helper for physical complaints. After a winter sport I had severe pain in the knee. Regular physiotherapist could not solve it. After a few acupuncture sessions the pain was gone. Recently I called in the help of Janneke again with a persistent complaint on the shoulder. After a few sessions, it was largely resolved again. Janneke is very knowledgeable and will not continue to treat you unnecessarily long”.

G.K. – Voorburg, the Netherlands, 2022.

“Recovery after Corona. Great that – after 4 treatments – I have recovered from the intense fatigue and shortness of breath, 
caused by a Corona infection. After the first treatment I already experienced a huge improvement in dyspneaThanks a lot.”

A.v.d.K. – Nootdorp, the Netherlands, 2022.

“I came to Janneke in August 2022 due to persistent complaints after an infection with Covid-19 in February 2022. I was tired, had concentration problems, couldn’t stand stimuli, and had a constant chest tightness, with dyspnea and shortness of breath. Finally, that awful constant feeling of extreme agitation (which you can relate to the disrupted nervous system that behaves when there is a permanent danger). Pre-Covid I was sporty and active. At work I need a sharp and flexible brain. Despite taking a lot of rest, and various other interventions (e.g. nutrition, extended yoga classes, sleeping more) I couldn’t get any further with my health. Various medical examinations showed that I was perfectly healthy, with ‘excellent lung function’. I had not reported sick, but everything was ‘just not enough’.
The first treatment caused some ‘additional side effects/symptoms’ in the first 24 hours after treatment. Although I found this exciting after everything you read in the newspaper about worsening Covid symptoms that they don’t go away, I planned to follow Janneke’s advice to come 3 to 4 times and then look at any improvements or differences. After the second treatment I experienced a deep relaxation like I hadn’t felt in months. Gradually my complaints disappeared little by little. In the end I had 13 treatments in a period of more than four months. My experience is that Janneke looks at the integral total from her expertise and determines the acupuncture treatment of that day based on that. It was not the case with me that the complaints disappeared like snow in the sun, as happened to some other people with post-Covid complaints. In addition, for me the acupuncture route was indeed ‘the crowbar’ that led my stagnant recovery to an active recovery. I have been free of complaints for six weeks now and am happy to build up my physical condition again. I can remember everything again and don’t get overstimulated so quickly. The chest tightness is completely gone and I have enough energy.
So even if you’ve been walking around with your post-Covid complaints for a while, I would definitely recommend acupuncture by Janneke. If you want to know more, my name and contact details are known to Janneke.”

S.S. – Voorburg, the Netherlands, 2023.

“The treatment with Janneke was wonderful in many ways. Janneke could read my face, not only how I was physically, but also mentally. I was very impressed and deeply touched. Even after only one treatment I could notice positive effects in my face and psyche. I will definitely go to Janneke many more times.”

I.A. – Bergisch Gladbach, Germany, 2023.

“Came to Janneke because I had menopausal complaints for a long time. Much more energy after the first treatment (among other things by sleeping better) and almost no more brain fog anymore. Janneke listens well and is friendly. She adjusts the treatment and refers to the doctor for a check if necessary. What gave me a lot of confidence during the intake, was that Janneke told me that the acupuncture (in my case) should have something of a positive effect within 3 treatments and that we would not keep trying for weeks. So no unnecessary appointments (and costs), honest about the possibilities. Practice is easily accessible by public transport and car, parking is free in front of the door.”

I.S. – The Hague, the Netherlands, 2023.

“Janneke is a passionate and very professional acupuncturist. She listens attentively and knows how to apply the right treatment. The results of the treatment are very good.”

Willem Wagner – Den Haag, the Netherlands, 2024.