Rates 2024

  • First Acupuncture Consultation (60-90 minutes): € 105,-
  • Follow-Up Acupuncture Consultation (60 minutes): € 80,-
  • Short Acupuncture Consultation*: € 55,-
  • Facial Acupuncture Renewal (60-90 minutes): € 105,-/€ 130,-/€ 155,-
  • Chinese Face Reading (60-90 minutes): € 150,-
  • Consultation Physiotherapy: € 45,-
  • Distance Consultation, Treatment Protocol and Advice for patients in the USA: $ 175,- 

* For some indications a shorter treatment may be possible.

Most health insurance companies reimburse all or part of the treatment: Vergoedingenoverzicht 2023. The practice works with cash payment  and there is an ATM as well. You recieive an invoice per treatment.

Appointments, which are not canceled minimal 24 hours before the agreed time, will be charged.

Since 1994 I am a member of the Dutch Society for Acupuncture (NVA), the largest association of acupuncturists in the Netherlands. The NVA guarantees the quality of the profession by imposing high requirements on (para) medical education, demanding in-service training and is affiliated with the KAB and Stichting Zorggeschil. Besides acupuncturist, I am a BIG qualified and registered physiotherapist (BIG number 39035313204) and member of the KNGF. Membership of the Society of Authors in Great Britain since 2016.

The practice follows the NVA Privacy Regulations.