Increasingly, acupuncture is one of the best procedures to use for pregnancy problems. Research shows that since 1940, fertility has decreased because for the following reasons: the use of antibiotics, pesticides, plastics, dyeing hair, fast food, alcohol, cigarettes, lack of exercise and obesity.

Some gynecologists from a nearby hospital in Voorburg – Diaconessenhuis – regularly send their clients to me who are undergoing IVF or IUI procedure. In women, an energy shortage, a disrupted menstrual cycle or stressful life can prevent a possible pregnancy. If there is a significant energy deficit, it’s important prior to IVF or IUI treatment to have four to eight acupuncture consultations to improve their energy, to arrange the disturbed menstrual pattern and reduce feelings of stress. Also immediately prior to an IVF treatment, an acupuncture treatment can be given to properly relax and promote the nestling process of the fertilized egg.

Men who are referred usually have problems with their sperm quality: an insufficient quantity or insufficiently motility. Again, acupuncture can help to improve the quality of the sperm. Four to six acupuncture treatments are often sufficient. If necessary I combine the acupuncture treatment with a prescription of Chinese herbs.

Scientifically is proved that the success rate of IVF and I.U.I. has increased by more than 20 percent with acupuncture treatment. The birth announcements are therefore regularly in the mailbox of my practice!