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  • Janneke Vermeulen was on television in ‘Altijd Jong‘ at RTL4 with presenter Tanja Jess, the 28th of October and the 3d of November 2012. Telling about Chinese Facial Diagnosis, Acupuncture, Facial Acupuncture and treating Tanja Jess for her hay fever. Watch the video:
    Janneke Vermeulen in het programma "Altijd Jong" op RTL4

  • In 2010 Janneke Vermeulen did get the Chi Akra Award from Mary Elizabeth Wakefield from New York for her qualities as an acupuncturist. The Award included that Janneke was invited by Mary Elizabeth Wakefield to follow two workshops ‘Facial Soundscapes’ in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA (November 2010).
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