Did you have COVID-19 and residual complaints such as tiredness, brain fog, headache, muscle pain, loss of smell/taste or shortness of breath? Acupuncture can help you with your recovery from Long COVID (Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 Infection (PASC)). Usually, a couple of treatments can make you feel lots better again! Please, see the testimonials below and read this Case Study performed by colleagues in California, USA.

“I came to Janneke in August 2022 due to persistent complaints after an infection with Covid-19 in February 2022. I was tired, had concentration problems, couldn’t stand stimuli, and had a constant chest tightness, with dyspnea and shortness of breath. Finally, that awful constant feeling of extreme agitation (which you can relate to the disrupted nervous system that behaves when there is a permanent danger). Pre-Covid I was sporty and active. At work I need a sharp and flexible brain. Despite taking a lot of rest, and various other interventions (e.g. nutrition, extended yoga classes, sleeping more) I couldn’t get any further with my health. Various medical examinations showed that I was perfectly healthy, with ‘excellent lung function’. I had not reported sick, but everything was ‘just not enough’.
The first treatment caused some ‘additional side effects/symptoms’ in the first 24 hours after treatment. Although I found this exciting after everything you read in the newspaper about worsening Covid symptoms that they don’t go away, I planned to follow Janneke’s advice to come 3 to 4 times and then look at any improvements or differences. After the second treatment I experienced a deep relaxation like I hadn’t felt in months. Gradually my complaints disappeared little by little. In the end I had 13 treatments in a period of more than four months. My experience is that Janneke looks at the integral total from her expertise and determines the acupuncture treatment of that day based on that. It was not the case with me that the complaints disappeared like snow in the sun, as happened to some other people with post-Covid complaints. In addition, for me the acupuncture route was indeed ‘the crowbar’ that led my stagnant recovery to an active recovery. I have been free of complaints for six weeks now and am happy to build up my physical condition again. I can remember everything again and don’t get overstimulated so quickly. The chest tightness is completely gone and I have enough energy.
So even if you’ve been walking around with your post-Covid complaints for a while, I would definitely recommend acupuncture by Janneke. If you want to know more, my name and contact details are known to Janneke.”

S.S. – Voorburg, the Netherlands, 2023

“Janneke helped me several times. I had severe lung problems after Covid-19. I couldn’t walk any distance and was very tired. After my first session with Janneke I already experienced improvement. I had more air and my chest felt open. After 4 sessions I could walk the distances from before Corona. Acupuncture helped me a lot and I recommend it to everyone.”

T.L. – Den Haag, the Netherlands, 2022.

“Recovery after Corona. Great that – after 4 treatments – I have recovered from the intense fatigue and shortness of breath, caused by a Corona infection. After the first treatment I already experienced a huge improvement in dyspneaThanks a lot.”

A.v.d.K. – Nootdorp, the Netherlands, 2022.

“Professional and a lot of knowledge about respiratory complaints. The treatment helped me very well after recovery from Corona/Covid-19.”

S.K.-H. – Voorburg, the Netherlands, 2021.