To prevent spreading of the corona virus, the practice uses personal protection equipment (including medical mouth masks) for both practitioner and patient. Primarily, this applies to protect vulnerable patients. But also to be able to ensure continuity of care.

Did you have COVID-19 and residual complaints such as tiredness, brain fog, headache, muscle pain, loss of smell/taste or shortness of breath? Acupuncture can help you with your recovery from Long COVID (Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 Infection (PASC)). Usually, a couple of treatments can make you feel lots better again! Please, watch the Testimonials and a Case Study performed by colleagues in California, USA.

“Professional and a lot of knowledge about respiratory complaints. The treatment helped me very well after recovery from Corona/Covid-19.”

S.K.-H. – Voorburg, the Netherlands, 2021.

“Janneke helped me several times. I had severe lung problems after Covid-19. I couldn’t walk any distance and was very tired. After my first session with Janneke I already experienced improvement. I had more air and my chest felt open. After 4 sessions I could walk the distances from before Corona. Acupuncture helped me a lot and I recommend it to everyone.”

T.L. – Den Haag, Nederland, 2022.

Cartoon made by dr. med. Eve Stockhammer.