COVID-19 Update

To prevent spreading of the corona virus the practice follows the NVA Protocol. The NVA Triage Questionnaire is used to examine if you can be treated yet: please print, fill in, sign and take it to the practice!
The practitioner is fully vaccinated with Moderna (Spikevax), wears a FFP2/KN95 mouth mask and disposable gloves. The patient receives a IIR mouth mask from the practice.
Important for you are these NVA Guidelines for Treatments in the Office!

Did you have COVID-19 and residual complaints such as tiredness and shortness of breath? Acupuncture can help you with your recovery!
Interesting book: The Aftercare of COVID-19 Infection.

Since June 2020 the acupuncturist in the UK is rewarded as an official medical profession (‘health care professional’) beside the osteopath and physiotherapist. Hereby the acupuncturist, who is member of the BAA (British Acupuncture Association) or BAF (British Acupuncture Federation), may offer there essential medical healthcare during a lockdown. Watch Chris Davies, CEO from the BAA. It would be correct when the Dutch government would classify the acupuncturist as a medical profession as well. There is enough scientific proof that acupuncture is effective in several disorders! Wetenschappelijke Acupunctuurstudies met Statistisch Significante Onderzoeksresultaten.

 ‘Acupuncture’ – Interpreter Irma Sluis.